Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks, Pam!

Holy Cow! I can't believe Pam at Sidewalk Shoes bestowed this honor on me! Yeah, yeah, lots of people have gotten an E. But me? Holy cow again! And, thank you, Pam!

The rules are thatI must nominate 10 bloggers for the E for excellent award. I must link to Pam's page, above, and I must notify my people that they've received the award.

Well, the first person I'd have nominated is Pam. And the second is Peter the Greek Cooking God, who Pam beat me to (he appears to be single - the ladies in Canada must not fully appreciate his awesome cooking talent). And, I'm going to have to follow Pam's lead and only nominate 5, because, as demonstrated above, so many of my favorites are already Excellent!

First, Debbie Cook at Stitches and Seams. She cooks some (I made her excellent Sweet Potato Bread). She sews wonderfully! And she occasionally gives us adorable pictures of her doggies at the dog park, or her walks with them. Yes, I'm jealous when she's griping about 80 degrees and I'm shivering at 30, but that's just another wonder of our vast and glorious country. And she's funny, too!

Next, Cidell at Miss Celie's Pants. She makes beautiful dresses, gives us glimpses of places she goes, inspired me to figure out how to make a lapped zipper for the first time in my 35-plus years sewing, and even makes glamorous aprons!

Marji at Fiber Arts Afloat. Nice writing, nice pictures, some cooking, lots of sewing. Plus, she just gave away 50 unneeded items from her sewing stash! You've got to be a very nice lady to do all of that!

Carolyn, the Sewing Fanatic, should inspire everyone. I loved that she let her readers vote on her color combo for her Easter outfit. I loved that she made her daughter a new Easter skirt on a day's notice. And I especially love that she re-uses her patterns over and over, as I do, so I'm not the only one in the world with 25 identical skirts in different colors and/or fabrics.

Finally, Trina in Manila is using Calvert School also. Hers is a nice look at raising and teaching a little boy in the Phillippines. I enjoy her writing about her field trips with her son, and I very much appreciate her photos of Manila - a place I'll never get to. Even if I did, I'd never see it from the perspective of someone who lives there. A fascinating glimpse into life on the other side of the world.

I hope none of my nominees are bothered by my awards, if they are duplicates; I hope I've not offended anyone I thought already has this award by not giving it to them; and now I'm going to pretend I'm Excellent while cooking my fish! And, thanks again, Pam!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Marji - thanks for thinking my blog is excellent and giving me the award! I have already been nominated but each time is special because it means that someone else really enjoys my ramblings and shares my passion for sewing! Thank you so much for visiting my blog often, for leaving comments and for appreciating my garments!

Marji said...

thank you so much! and thank you too for the link to Peters cooking blog - oh, I'm hooked. He does his ribs like I do, but the eggplant..TDF!

and thank you, as Carolyn said, for the nomination, for visiting my blog, and for your comments.

Paula said...

Congrats Margie! You're awesome!