Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My familiy room has had the ivory drapes and green cornices shown on the left window in this picture for 19 years. I like them; they just aren't green enough (maybe because they're IVORY, dummy?). So when I saw floral drapes in the Penney's catalog, I decided to order them and hang both pair together. Now, I can't decide if I like the new window treatment well enough to finish the other 3 windows. I'd really like hunter green drapes to go with the floral, but I haven't seen anything in hunter green in I don't know how long.. Maybe I should take down the hard cornice and make swags and jabots from the new drapes, lined in hunter green chintz? I hope staring at this picture will help more than staring at the stinkin' window!

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gaylen said...

Well if what you really want is something else, even if you like it, they will never be what you want!

My thought is that I would switch the floral and the ivory so more of the floral shows up giving you more of the color you're looking for - maybe?

Oh, and thanks for stopping by and the recent comments. g