Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Orange Skirt and the Dress That Isn't.

Sunday we finally had a sunny day, so, of course, I wanted new clothes. I had a skirt pattern wit a view I thought I'd like, but hadn't tried, and an orange floral fabric that I bought by mistake. You see, I don't wear orange; it doesn't become my ultra white complexion and reddish hair. Therefore, I thought, a skirt from mistake fabric; if it fails, no harm! So I made the orange skirt, and, inspired by Cidell's post a while back about a cocktail dress with a lapped zipper, I decided to figure out the structure of a lapped zipper application, and put one in for the first time in my life. I liked the appearance, and may very well start using such an application more often. And, yes, I know it's weird that I had to figure out the structure of the zipper opening, but I'm a mechanical engineer; I have to engineer everything in my head. I rarely follow directions, either, although I know that's supposed to be a male trait, because I won't do anything until I know how it's done.

Anyway, I liked the hang of this skirt, because it was cut on the bias, as opposed to on the grain, but I don't like the center front seam; I'll need to engineer the solution to this problem before I tackle this skirt again.

I also made
a dress from this pink fabric, or at least the body of it, but it was a sheath style dress, and didn't do well on me with the patterned fabric - I thought I looked like a beached whale. So, with the remaining 4 yards I'm going to make a sundress with a flared skirt and a little bolero type jacket. I may even do that next weekend. I know I had resolved to sew one outfit (or was it garment?) per month this year, but I haven't been inspired this year. Sunshine and our first 60 degree day inspired me.

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