Monday, July 8, 2019

Produce Box, Week 7

I've gotten produce boxes for the past 2 weeks, but not photographed them, having not been home for an absurd amount of time. 

Anyway, my latest box, which I think was week 7, arrived Friday.

There was a great, random selection of veggies, and lots of fruit.  Onions seem to be the one thing that always arrive.  Since everyone uses plenty of them, no problem there, right?  Also included: beets, broccoli, summer squash, English cucumbers, celery, garlic scapes,  grape tomatoes, limes, yellow delicious apples, mangoes, white nectarines, and one mysterious but very pretty thing right there in the center: Romanesco Broccoli.  It's formed into a head like cauliflower, but very pointy, almost space-age looking.  I cut the florets off the stem, steamed it (they turned brighter green) and served with butter.  The flavor is a little sharper than regular broccoli, but the design led to a discussion amongst the 10 of us here about fibonacci sequences and designs, and the fact that this is, indeed such a design.  Hmmm.  Conversations around my table can get to be rather wide ranging.

With all of these limes, I need to get looking for something exciting to cook with them.  Maybe as a seasoning for my fish tonight?

Happy Monday, everyone!


Rhodesia said...

There is nearly always Romanesco Broccoli in the supermarket here and last week I bought a purple cauliflower. The first time I have seen that, they actually had white, yellow and purple. The purple one did not taste much different from white!! I see you have celery as well, normally it is always on the shelves here but I have not seen it for a couple of months, I have been buying tinned but somehow not the same!! Think the strange weather this year has upset a number of things in the fruit and vegetable line. Take care and keep well, Diane

Big Dude said...

Good looking box of goodies - always a nice challenge to make dishes from what you have on hand.