Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Belated Happy Easter!

I know I'm really slow in writing about Easter.  I'm in the third week of a lovely case of bronchitis (thanks for the cold, boys!), but I do believe it's survivable, and I have managed not to infect my dearly beloved!

Most of the kids were home for Easter, and Shannon brought not only her boyfriend, but also his co-worker's dog, for whom they were babysitting for a couple of weeks.  Tippie was a nice houseguest.  He runs around too much for my taste, but he didn't waste a lot of time barking, didn't get up on the furniture, and didn't beg - although, like most dogs, he's a master of looking sorrowful.

I did make 3 dozen cholesterol free Hot Cross Buns for Easter, which my dearly beloved devoured.  Seriously, I think he ate at least half of them over the course of 2 days.

And he shared with Tippie, despite the fact that Shannon told him in no uncertain terms that Tippie is on a diet according to his owners.

But, hey, it was Easter, and Tippie deserved to celebrate.

I cooked a 15 pound boneless leg of lamb.  I think everyone enjoyed it, considering that there was only one 8 ounce slice left at the end of dinner.

I was suffering "digestive issues" that day, and so I cooked minimal food - lamb, rice and 4 pounds of asparagus. 
Dan carved the lamb, and one of my daughters helped with the side dishes; they both cleaned up after dinner for me.  I could only eat a tiny bit of rice, so I saved my lamb for the next day.  It was worth the wait.

So, that's my life the past couple of weeks!  I hope the world is being good to all of you!


Rhodesia said...

How miserable for you, but I am glad that you have not passed it on to your husband. Take care and look after yourself. Belated Easter wishes Diane

Catherine said...

Happy Easter.
It looks like a perfectly cooked lamb.
I am sorry you did not feel well that day, but glad you enjoyed it the next.
Blessings, Catherine

altadenahiker said...

What a trooper. Can't imagine how you cooked an Easter dinner because that flu packed a knock-out punch.

Pam said...

I am sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well! I hope you are on the mend. The lamb looks perfectly cooked. Tippie looks awfully cute.

SissySees said...

I hope you're all better! Tippie sure is cute; I would have had to slip him a bit of bread too.

Big Dude said...

Sorry to hear you've been ailing and I think you must have been right about the lamb being good - at least you got saved a piece.

Nichole Burke said...

Tippie sure is a cutie... and boy does your home look more complete with a dog in it (hint, hint).......

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Marjie!

Boy am I glad I didn't miss your Easter Dinner, I almost did:) I've been having such a time keeping up visits since changing my posting days:)

Hubby looks fantabulous! (although I didn't see a smile, lol:)

So glad you are feeling better. I've had this stupid cold and cough for what seems like months! I'm leaving for Idaho on Wednesday and am really keeping my fingers crossed that I don't wind up with an earache on the plane. Finger crossed:)

Digestive issues? I hope you're looking into that Marjie. Marion as been having a few bouts too and the doctor told her to keep an eye on what goes in her tummy. Stay on it, Marjie:)

You lamb must have been delicious! I don't think I have ever cooked a boneless lamb. I'm sure it was worth the wait. I kinda wish I would have cooked for Easter. Not good not having leftovers. Cholesterol Free Hot Cross Buns may just become your hubby's all time favorite. I'm so glad for him and you:)

We're expecting a warm up this week, finally! Of course, it would choose to arrive when I'm leaving!!! Thanks for sharing, Marjie...Stay well...