Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thorsday Book Review: In Good Faith

Remember my book review of An Innocent Client a couple of weeks back?  Claire pointed out to me that the second book in this series was available for free at that time, so I snagged it.  And here it is.

by Scott Pratt
copyright 2012

Joe Dillard was a highly successful private defense attorney who retired at the end of the previous book, having finally defended an innocent client.  It's now a year later, and Joe's bored being retired.  After all, he's only around 50 years old, and his kids are in college.  So, after spectating at a trial in which the assistant district attorney botched the prosecution, Joe went to the DA to secure a job.

Joe's first case is the brutal murder of a family of 4, including two small children.  A week or two later, a retired high school principal is murdered, and the TBI investigator presiding over the case of the murdered family has linked the two.  Joe Dillard is told by the DA to work with Frahey, the TBI investigator, and Frahey initially resented the perceived intrusion, but soon develops a cordial working relationship with Joe.  The book follows the investigation of these cases, including the threatening of Joe's family.  Side stories in this book include Joe's alcoholic sister, Sarah, joining AA, meeting a "Bible Thumper", moving to Crossville with him, and the boyfriend beating her (Joe and Frahey went to rescue her), a pizza shop owner accused of hiring 15 year old girls at a wage significantly over minimum wage in return for them doing untoward things with him after hours, an illegal gambling ring, and Joe's wife's illness.

This was a fast paced, well written book which grabbed me from the beginning.  I finished it in one day, if that tells you anything.  5/5

Happy Thorsday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

One day? Yes, it tells me something. I'll see if I can find it. I'm reading some Peter Mayle right now, but could do with some fiction to wash it down.

Pam said...

I love books that grab me and I finish in a day... this sounds like a good read!

SissySees said...

I need a fiction break too. Two girl-power/business books, and one novella didn't do the trick. I have a box of cozies to read!

Dexter said...

5/5 tells me something for sure. Woo hoo! Sometimes you just need something that pulls you in.

Mango Momma