Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review!

Have you ever seen the Masterpiece Theatre production of The 39 Steps? It's grey, gloomy and exciting. So, when I found the book among this set of mystery novels I'd purchased from the used book sale, I became very excited.
Thor was excited, too. He was just reading a different book. Thor's a thinker.

by John Buchan
copyright 1915

It's World War I in London, and Richard Hanney has been back in London for 3
months, his father having moved the family away 30 years earlier, when Richard was 6 years old. Every night, he dines in his club and passes the evening there; he has become bored and considering moving again. One evening, an American named Scudder follows Hanney into his flat. Scudder has staged his own death in his flat, located in the same building. Scudder explains to Hanney that he knows of a German plot against Britain, and he is being pursued to kill the knowledge. Sure enough, after 4 days in Hanney's flat, Scudder is murdered; when investigators arrive, Hanney flees out a bedroom window with Scudder's evidence to protect himself. The chase leads through England and Scotland. Fast paced and exciting, the book has a very satisfying conclusion. The book was only about 120 pages long, and I read it in about an hour. It's a highly enjoyable step back in time, and highly recommended.

And there was little food involved in the book, but this is last night's dinner (just to prove I'm still cooking). And because a picture of just a line of books isn't very interesting.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Lapdog Creations said...

I just adore the "copyright 1915" part of this!

Diane said...

I have heard before that it is very good, maybe I should have a look around for it. Nigel also agrees it is excellent, Diane

SissySees said...

Book sounds great and dinner looks even better!

Sue said...

I can't let my pack see that Thor gets to read books. Samba has destroyed a couple books and I no longer trust any of the Porties near the library.

Linda said...

Reading antiques are we?? Dinner does looks SO good!

Anonymous said...

Albert has been known to savor a good book or two.

I know the 39 Steps, but only from an old Alfred Hitchcock movie (I think he made it in the 30's, when still in England). And it's one of my favorites, so I'll definitely see if my library carries this.

Unknown said...

I just adore a good book sale. I've been lurking on your site for ages, but I'm happily following you now. I keep missing great posts!