Sunday, April 3, 2011

Over The Top 15 Day Challenge

Last weekend, Faye invited everyone to join in a 2 week challenge to sew tops. I thought it was a good idea, because 2 weeks isn't too long; at least I won't get bored.

Here's what I did this weekend:

From the remainder of the gold velour, a long sleeved draped top. I wanted to try this for a while, but wasn't sure I'd like it. Fabric about which I'm indifferent seeme
d like a good way to experiment. The pattern was for a sleeveless top, but we're in cold country, so sleeves seemed like a good idea. I actually like the top.
Second was the last 3/4 yard of the gold, as a tried and true cami.

Last was a pink tee-shirt knit made into a cowl necked cami. This is another pattern I'd been afraid to try for about a decade. I believe my dearly beloved will be demanding more from this pattern.

There's a green top cut out, but familial issues got in the way of productive work today. *sigh* There's always next weekend!


SissySees said...

Love the shape of all three. It's supposed to be 80 here tomorrow. I hope I have a tee that will fit!

Linda said...

You are one top sewing machine!

gMarie said...

Love those tops - which patterns did you use? I need more info! They are fabulous tops - I traced a top today and starched the heck out of my very silky fabric. Might work on it this week. g

The Blonde Duck said...

I'm serious. I'll pay you to make my princess Aurora dress.

Sarah said...

Do you use a serger? Or just a sewing machine? I have a sewing machine only.