Friday, April 15, 2011

Fried Rice

Last weekend, the kids took it upon themselves to get Chinese food. Never one to object to a cooking night off, I paid the bill.

Of course, any time you get Chinese food, you get a ton of white rice. What to do with it, other than make soup or rice pudding? Here you go. Fried Rice.


3 tbsp peanut oil
1/2 cup chopped onion
6 scallions, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tsp grated or finely chopped gingerroot
2 cups cold dry-cooked white rice
4 tsp soy sauce

1 large egg, lightly beaten
1 cup bean sprouts

Heat the peanut oil in a skillet and add the onion, scallions, garlic and gingerroot; saute until soft. Add the rice and cook until warmed through. Stir in the soy sauce. Make a hole in the center of the rice and pour in the egg. Cook slightly, and then stir to scramble. When it's cooked, break up the scrambled egg into small pieces, mix well with the rice, stir in the bean sprouts and heat through. Serve at once.

This really only takes a few minutes. But my brain's been so fried the past 2 weeks that I forgot to take a picture. So, instead, I'd like to show you that my lawn has turned green this week! Hooray! We might actually get spring soon!


Lucille, the Great Dane from Italy said...

Never thought of trying to cook rice in the chinese way... will give it a try... Love your garden...;)!!!
Ciao Lucille

Faye Lewis said...

THANK YOU! You share such great recipes I just went ahead and set up a file for them.

gMarie said...

I always make extra rice on purpose - because fried rice is a quick easy one dish meal. :) Leftover meat can be thrown in too.

I hope the brain unfries soon - but I've felt exactly the same way for about the last 6 weeks. g

Linda said...

That's how I do it too but I've never used peanut oil.....why peanut oil?

SissySees said...

Treat for the Knight, coming up. He loves this stuff.

~~louise~~ said...

"Here You Go Fried Rice" not only do I like the name, the ingredients are a breeze!

Yipee! Grass! I saw a dandelion today!!!

Thanks for sharing...Marjie...

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh yummmmmE
Benny & Lily

Diane said...

Love rice cooked like this. Great to see a green lawn instead of white! Diane

Mickle in NZ said...

I'm with gMarie - I always cook double the amount of rice needed for a meal so I can make fried rice a day or so afterwards - so delicious and easy, your troops must have loved you for it.

HermitJim said...

I gain weight every time I come for a visit!

Sounds pretty good to me, but then it's food! It all sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I'm bookmarking this.

Pam said...

I love Chinese take out and I love making fried rice with the leftover rice. Yours sounds tasty.

Jennifer said...

I love fried rice, I have only made it once tho!!!

grace said...

so wait--your rice is fried AND your brain is fried? egad! :)