Saturday, January 8, 2011

Leftovers and Sapphire Blue

With the holidays, there have been a lot of posts from people who have had leftovers and turned it into wonderful second dinners, lunches or even, in Larry's case, drool-inducing breakfasts. And I can do nothing but whine about never having leftovers.

But I fibbed, just a little. I roasted two chickens last week (feeding 11 people, how can I roast just one?), and saved the carcasses. This caused countless jokes about hiding the evidence lest law enforcement accuse me of hennicide, and wailing about the dead bodies in the refrigerator. Yesterday, I tossed them in a pot of water and simmered for a long time with chopped onions, carrots and celery. After removing the bones and putting the meat back in the pot, I took a box of leftover rice from take-out Chinese one night, and dumped the whole
thing in the soup. Generous amounts of poultry seasoning, all-day simmering and snacking, and everyone agreed to "let" me keep dead bodies in the fridge if I really wanted to.

And, the last of 2010's sewing was sapphire blue (or maybe royal blue) stretch velour. I actually had 6 yards of it, and only used about 3.5 yards. Here's most of what I made:

Long sleeved, square necked dress,
Long sleeved, round necked top
Two color, princess seamed dress with wide straps, shown with....

Shrug style jacket lined with royal blue double knit polyester
A-line, spaghetti strapped dress, to be worn with jacket
Cami, not shown, to be worn with jacket

I really like this color, so I'm leaving the balance of this fabric until inspiration strikes, maybe next year.

Dark purple and midnight blue are in progress. Hey, I need to get this made before the winter is over, after all.

And Mango, don't worry, this is all 100% slobber-proof gear.

Thor will have a big announcement in the next 2 days. You don't want to miss it!


Linda said...

Nice! I see Thor has the manly inclination to hog the remote!

All Our Fingers in the Pie said...

You have so many clothes! I can only wish! I made turkey soup for my cousin after Christmas - a first for her! Tossed in leftover rice, too. Happy New Year.

Sue said...

Mom loves that color blue. It looks like Thor was watching TV while you were sewing. Mom doesn't let us use the remote. It may because Tsar ate a couple of them when he was a pup.

We'll be waiting for the announcement.
Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

Pam said...

Big announcement?!

Mickle in NZ said...

I'm imagining the wonderful aroma as the chicken bones etc... softly simmered away.

That strong blue looks gorgeous on you, it must feel like wearing blue jewels in the middle of your winter.

And as for Thor: the sweet bloke got me laughing. Zeb ignores the remote controls as they aren't lamb or pork flavoured! Thor and Zeb do both seem to enjoy laying down like that with their front legs stretched out in front of them like a semi-sphinx.

Sending huggles and purrrumbles, Michelle and Zebster

Mango said...

Slobber proof, well, that's no fun. Hehehe. You know, our lady guests never wear dresses when they visit. Something about wet noses going up their skirts. Oh my. Well, what do you expect.

Thor! Looking forward to your big announcement. Are there any leftovers from that stew?


Big Dude said...

Thanks for the kind word. I have to admit, in a year of reading your blog, this is the first mention of leftovers that I can recall, and with 11 eaters it's easy to see why. Great shade of blue.

A.Marie said...

I had to laugh at the "dead bodies" funny!! :)

Can't wait to hear Thor's big announcement!!!

Channon said...

Yummy. I have chicken that needs to become soup. Maybe I'll start it tonight for supper tomorrow night...

Love the blues, and bring on MM! I think I have a great shot of Sissy for it.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

That chicken and rice is a brilliant idea. Love the colour blue but I am amazed how much you have made from 3.5 yards, it must have been very wide. Diane

gMarie said...

Henicide! Man I laughed so hard. I too keep dead bodies in the fridge and when soup inspiration doesn't strike, I'll make the broth and freeze that for later. It's good for what ails you.

We're getting slushy rain right now. Gonna make the commute tomorrow crazy!

Love the blue stuff. I need to get busy making stuff. g

Anette said...

Imagine being able to make your own clothes! Not bad at all!