Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Boys and Pets

The little boys were playing with their guinea pigs yesterday, as they always do.

Thor decided to sit next to Ryan and Rusty.

Shortly after this picture was taken, Thor decided Rusty wasn't using the carrot any more, and ate it.

It was a whole lot easier to giggle at Thor eating carrots than to be mad that I've joined Pam and Debbie in the ranks of broken appliances. Yes, one of my refrigerators quit working. The good news is that many of the kids are currently at college so I don't need as much cold storage space. Also, I have a spare fridge in the basement that usually holds stuff like ginger ale and yeast (which I buy by the case), which can take the overload if I really need it. The bad news is that, unlike the basement fridge, which died 4 days before the warranty expired, so Sears had to replace the compressor FOR FREE, this one is 2 years out of warranty. And a friend tells me that nowadays it usually costs more to repair appliances than replace them.

Gee, I wonder why we're running out of landfill space?

I think I'll go make a coffee cake and make the house smell better. Watch the kids and hubby follow their noses to the kitchen in about half an hour!

(Tessa, these pictures are for you, Cole & Cayleigh!)

UPDATE: My washer also crapped out this afternoon. In desperation, I began calling every appliance repair service in the phone book, until I found one who says he'll come out tomorrow afternoon. We shall see if Leonard is any good....


Debbie Cook said...

Ug. I'd rather have my cooktop not working for a bit than to try to juggle fridge space. It was supposed to be fixed today between 8-12 but the parts hadn't arrived so they cancelled. FedEx arrived at 12:01. And the next repair appt isn't until Friday. Thank heaven for crockpots!

A repair to a fridge might still be cheaper than a new one, though. Depends on what it needs, of course. Good luck with it!

Paula said...

The kids LOVED the photos. They liked seeing their names in print, too. Naturally, I was then hit with an chorus of "can we get a guinea pig and a dog?". I don't think their plan is so much to change my mind as it is to just wear me down! Sorry to hear about the appliance breakdowns. Perhaps your appliances are staging a revolt due to the arrival of the food-processor newcomer. Good luck with all the repairs. Oh, and I chuckled at your use of the word crapper! I have my own derivatives for its root word: crap, crappity, and my personal favorite .. crap-ola. :-) Paula