Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!

I was fortunate enough to spend my Easter with 2 adorable little friends of the Bunny.

For a while Saturday, it looked like another grandchild was planning to make her way into the world, but after about 8 hours in the hospital, she decided to stay where she was.  Oh, well, I'll have to wait a while longer to meet Little Miss Somebody.

Happy Easter, everyone; I hope the Bunny was good to you!


Sue said...

Those two look pretty happy. I guess the bunny was good to them. Maybe the new little one is actually going to wait until her due date.

Rhodesia said...

Great photo and glad to see you smiling and happy. Take care Diane

Pam said...


8 hours in the hospital then sent home? I bet your daughter is ready to have that baby!! Sending good thoughts her way.