Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Dinner

All of my sons were home for Easter, and none of my daughters were.  One daughter is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second child, one was working, and the third, who lives 650 miles away, couldn't take enough time off to make the trip worthwhile.  But 6 sons would seem to be enough.

I made a boneless leg of lamb for Easter.  It was beautiful, it was large, it was delicious.  Easter dinner here is always on Saturday, so everyone can enjoy Easter morning and early afternoon with the family, and then go home as their schedules dictate.  It's been a tradition since the oldest started college, and it works well for us.

Our table looked underpopulated, but that happens hereabouts.  Still, I'll joyously take anyone who shows up.  And I might need to make a spring colored tablecloth.  The white one is a little boring.

And on Sunday morning,we held an Easter egg hunt for the 2 little ones who sere here.  Uncle Jeff hopped around, somehow managing to find but never actually collect, plastic eggs, and everyone had a fun filled morning.

I hope your Easters were filled with relaxation and fun.  And I hope the Bunny was good to you and yours.

Happy Monday, everyone!


Rhodesia said...

Sounds like lots of fun glad all the sons could make it. Belated Happy Easter, Diane

Pam said...

I am sad your daughters weren't able to join you all but I am so happy all of your boys made it home. Glad you had a wonderful Easter.