Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Garden Tuesday

There haven't been many Garden Tuesdays this year.  Oh, sure, we had Blizzard Garden Tuesday, but other than that, I've been pretty slack.

So, when I went down to West Chester for my daughter's baby shower, her husband had two 2' high pillars for me; a couple of guys loaded them into my car to take home.  Let me be clear: only one would fit in the trunk.  They had to drive the front passenger's seat all the way forward to stuff the second one in behind it.  And that's in a Lincoln Town Car.  Good thing I insist on driving those big ol' gas guzzlers, or these suckers would still be sitting around 130 miles south of here.

Anyway, after I figured out that I wanted them on my back porch, and bought bowls to set atop them, Shannon went out and bought flowers to plant in said bowls.  9 weeks later, they're still blooming, and have filled in a lot.

Good thing we have a real gardener in our midst, or my pillars would just look silly!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  And Happy August.  I hope you're enjoying your summer weather!


Pam said...

They look beautiful and so do the flowers!

rottrover said...

Really beautiful, Marjie. Happy Summer to you!

Sue said...

I think they look great. I miss having flowers on the porch but when it's this hot I can't keep them alive. Even watering them several ties a day, they still cook.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sure looks pretty
Lily & Edward

Faye Lewis said...

What a pretty entrance Marjie!

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Garden Tuesday Marjie!!! I think those pillars look wonderful and Shannon has done a GREAT job of planting some flowers. Let me know if she is seriously considering gardening, I'll save her seeds:)

Can you believe it is August? Oh my golly, these months are just swooping on by. The kids are still here, although, they are in Pittsburg at the moment.

Thanks for sharing, Marjie...Happy August!!!

P.S. I did a post today, yippee!!!

Rhodesia said...

Excellent, they look perfect where you have them. Happy August to you as well. Ah, this is my birthday month, it seems to have come around very quickly this year!!! Keep well Diane

Lapdog Creations said...

They look awesome!

pam said...

Those are gorgeous!!!