Monday, June 26, 2017

I'm Not Lost...

Honest, I'm not.  We had Maddie for 2 weeks while her baby brother was making his entrance into this world; it was delightful.  Our son said he and his wife missed Little Girl, but we told him that was just their imagination.  Sadly, we still had to take her home.

She loved Bebop.
 Aunt Cass helped her fly to attack Grandpa.
 Sharing a PB&J with Bebop...did I mention that he loved her, too?
 Maddie brought along this puppy, who sings.  Highly recommended for anyone with a 1-year-old.
 Sitting with Uncle Ryan.
 Watching Up with Aunt Cass and, of course, Bebop.
 "Are you gonna save me? We can play!"
 Maddie was just starting to walk; I bought her these adorable little sandals with a really thin sole.
 Surrounded by toys, life is good.  And that block is really tasty.
"Uncle Mark's gonna share. I know he is!"

 Remember the walking in the sandals?  Yeah, they usually stayed on the feet for at least 90 seconds.  But they were fun to carry around after she inspected them.

 And, of course, life is always better when sitting with Grandpa.  He reads good stories, and lets her play with his newspaper, too.

Happy Monday, everyone!


~~louise~~ said...

Happy Monday Marjie!!! Oh my gosh! First congratulations on the newest addition to the family AND, oh my goodness isn't she just sooooooooo precious!!! Oh Marjie the family seems to be settling into grandkids and nieces and nephew land quite comfortably, lol...wonderful!!! God Bless enjoy every waking second; heck every second awake or asleep!!! Enjoy Marjie...

P.S. Things are going well here. Shoulder is on the mend and I'm still feeling good. #EverydayisagiftfromGod and I'm so thankful...

Sue said...

I am SO glad to see that you're not deserting Blogville for Facebook. Does Bebop always stick so close to Cass? It's easy to see that he loves his person. Maddy is a cutie but her parents are going to have their hands full. How did you do it?