Friday, November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving Food Delivery

So, in years past, I've shown you my shopping lists, menu planning, etc, before Thanksgiving.  We're doing it a little differently this year.  This was what I ordered from my restaurant supply house:

Have you ever seen eleven hundred dollars worth of food?  Well, here you go.
 There are a ton of fresh veggies in the closest open box.  And, yes, that is 15 dozen eggs in that case.

Note that there's 20 pounds of chicken in the sink, waiting to be wrapped in 1 pound packages (I have one of those dandy food vacuum sealer).  It only took me about 2 hours to get it all done, including the 20 pounds of ground beef on the floor in one of the other pictures.

Now I have to get serious about scheduling my pre-holiday preparation, along with nailing down the census for each day.  Menus maybe tomorrow?  We'll see.

Happy Friday, everyone!


rottrover said...

You GO, Marjie!! You amaze :-)

Tami said...

I am impressed! It takes a lot of food to feed the crowd you will be having, nice to have it delivered too.

Big Dude said...

Your food adventures continue to amaze me.

Eileensews said...

I am always impressed by what you do!,