Sunday, November 6, 2016

Setting the Clocks Back

In my house, that's a daunting task.  The Grandfather Clock, the two stove clocks, 3 alarm clocks in my room, 3 mantle clocks, and many others.

But one of my favorites is this guy:

My Uncle George brought him back from Germany to my grandmother in the 1950s.  A couple of months ago, he decided he wasn't going to run and cuckoo any more, and that made me sad.  So my son in law found a cuckoo clock repair man down where they live, and took my clock to that guy.  It cost me an absurd $250, but my grandmother's cuckoo clock is now cleaned, with new hands, and new bellows, so the cuckoo now has a nice resonance (and now I know that my clock is from the 1930s, in the Black Forest in Germany).  I think many members of my household aren't fond of the bird, but I do love him.

So, be sure your clocks are set back, so you aren't late to work, school or play tomorrow!  Happy Sunday, everyone!


Pam said...

I bet your uncle and grandmother would be happy that you are taking such good care of the clock. It's pretty!

Big Dude said...

We have a Black Forest area clock that we bought in Freiburg and really like it.

Sue said...

I think my dogs would bark at the bird every hour and drive me crazy. I managed to get all my clocks changed early yesterday morning so we're ready for whatever comes along.

Diane said...

I have a chiming clock which was a wedding present from my Dad to my Mother. It has had one expensive repair, now suddenly a spring has broken and it only partly chimes, I dread taking it in but I do want to get it fixed!!! Hope all is well,have a good weekend Diane