Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Miscellany

Real life conversation over dessert last night:

Hubby: "Cut my dinner in half from now on.  I'm too fat."
Me: "Dinner is not your problem."
He: "What, then?"
Me: "Your new junk food habit."
he: "Junk food?"
Me: "Pretzels, chips, pub mix, etc."
He: "That's not junk food.  The doctor told me to eat more salt."
Me: "He meant to salt your vegetables, not eat pretzels."
He: "Well,  pretzels have no calories."

Men have no idea how to diet.

The back of my attic is being closed in this week, and next week we should get ceilings in the last 2 bedrooms and bathroom.  Under the tarp is all that's left to complete outside!  Some day we will be ready for carpet! (Of course, the roof is just being shingled; the new slate will have to go on in the spring, since it takes 8 weeks to order and no one wants to work on a roof in snow.)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Sue said...

Soon you'll be able to relax knowing that you're completely under cover again. Did you ever discover exactly how the fire started?

You're not alone, Rob diets the same way. It seems that snacks don't count. Why do my snacks all have calories?

Big Dude said...

I think your man and me think too much alike.

Marjie said...

I'm glad to learn that all men get calorie free snacks.

Sue, it was an electrical fire, caused by 90 year old wires in the attic cracking. We even know the exact location where it started.

~~louise~~ said...

More salt??? I'm confused. I've become a pretzel muncher as of late but, I scrape off all the salt before munching! Perhaps you could sneak a bowl of hummus next to hubby. I dip mine in hummus (Sabre brand) and oh my it's yummy! (and healthy too but you don't have to tell him that:)

I guess it's fortunate that we've been having a mild Winter, Marjie. They must have been able to get more done with no snow. One day things will be back to normal. (what ever that is, lol:)

Thanks for sharing, Marjie...

Lapdog Creations said...

LOL - sounds like my house... except it's "we must fill these oversized plates" and then wonder why the pounds are packing on.

Pam said...

Your beloved cracks me up!

It will be wonderful when your house is back to normal and everything is fixed!

Linda said...

Lol, we had much the same conversation about dieting here he looked in the cupboard for snacking materialšŸ˜

grace said...

i'm constantly amazed by how little my otherwise-very-intelligent beau actually knows about calories and nutrition! good think i'm here to edify. :)

Rhodesia said...

LOL, junk food eating........
Glad the house is almost back to normal.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Nice try, DB.

Rhodesia said...

Just been going back over the wedding photos and trying to catch up.Your daughter looks sensational. Diane

Unknown said...
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Dexter said...

Weather tight is good.
Gosh, I've absorbed so much nutritional information over the years, I'm still astounded when somebody my age is a bit under informed on that topic. Could be your husband has pretzels confused with vegetables. Hehehe. Or he knows of the rare pretzel bushes which blossom for two days out of the year somewhere in Idaho.

Mango Momma