Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Garden Tuesday: Major Winter Storm?

So, when I was watching the 11PM news last night, the lead story told us about a major winter storm approaching, which would hit us this afternoon.

And then they told us that this major winter storm will give us at least an inch of snow, maybe 1-1/2 inches!

Oh, bother.  Our great good fortune in having a mild winter has caused the weather forecasters to lose their minds.

Here's the result of this major winter storm, right in my own back yard:

Yep, they nailed it when they said we would get an inch of snow.  But my roof is closed up tight, and so now I don't care.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Linda said...

Glad your roof is fixed.

Big Dude said...

While that may be considered a major winter storm here with the schools closed and the store shelves stripped, it's just a lite dusting for you guys. The media has to sensationalize everything anymore even the weather.

Lapdog Creations said...

YAY for a closed roof!

Pam said...

If we got that much snow here in Portland they would shut down the schools for at least a day. We generally get freezing rain after it snows here, so it can be a deadly combination. It still cracks me up, though because I grew up in the mountains in Idaho where we would get feet of snow, not just inches, and we would still have to go to school.

Glad your roof is closed!! :)

Rhodesia said...

So glad you had the roof all sorted out. We have also had a mild winter but it looks like things may change here as well. Hope all is well Diane

Sue said...

Our big storm was a fizzle too. They forecast 8 inches and we got about half an inch. It was cold though, only 11 degrees on Saturday. Today it's 63 so we don't know wa=hat to expect next except for mud.

Dexter said...

That's the kind of storm I can live with. The one currently forecast might be a bit more significant.

Mango Momma