Friday, October 16, 2015

Critters Who Attended The Wedding

So, naturally, when my kids came home for Shannon's wedding, they brought their dogs.

Jeffrey's girlfriend brought her dog Lily, also known as Tank's sidekick, Adventure Beagle.
Lest anyone be confused as to whether beagles are pack animals, Shannon's friend's 6 month old baby is here to clarify the situation.  (This baby got passed around endlessly.  She was delightfully cheerful.)

 Adventure Beagle laid claim to the oriental rug Tank usually occupies.  He spent the weekend looking for food.
 Shannon's sister found this kitten abandoned. He was too little to leave home alone.
 The kitten's name is Flea.  Tank offered to help Flea finish his food.  Flea was not frightened.
 My tea cup had to go into the dishwasher immediately after I took this picture.  You just can't resist such an adorable little face, even when he's doing something strictly forbidden, like walking on my table.
 Before the wedding, Natasha helped Shannon and the baby's mother spray roses.  The baby stayed indoors and played with me and my dearly beloved.  She really liked him; I've always said he's a charmer.
 After I took this picture, Natasha growled at me.  That's her modus operandi.
 And, even though she's not a critter, I couldn't resist this picture of the visiting relative from Denver with some of my sons.  They wanted her to know just how short she is.

Happy weekending, everyone!


Big Dude said...

Glad the wedding went off okay and the critters got to attend as well.

pam said...

Oh, little flea is adorable!! As is everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Adventure Beagle, Flea -- great faces, great names. Your visiting relative, though, looks a tad apprehensive when surrounded by giants.

Sue said...

What's a wedding without a few fur kids?

Lapdog Creations said...

Sure looks like it was a fun house full!

Claire S. said...

Oh, I'm just catching up on the wedding posts now. A stunning bride in a beautiful dress and gorgeous family pics !

An at-home wedding that looked like an all round sucess. Furbabies too, they ARE part of the family after all.

Congratulations to the happy couple !

Pam said...

You sure had a houseful! That kitty is adorable and so is the baby. Your relative looks TINY next to your boys.

grace said...

i'm such a cat person. i loved seeing the pups but the kitten made me melt. :)