Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garden Tuesday: I'm Back!

I didn't mean to be gone for 2 weeks.  But life and family happen while we are making other plans, don't they?

Shannon was here and touching up the wrought iron gates in the walled garden this weekend.  It is the planned site of the wedding (in just 3 months)!

This is outside the oak gate at the end, looking inward.
And peering over the gate, this is the view the happy couple will see.
 One of the gates.  If you biggify the picture, you'll see that the gate is composed of wrought iron flowers.  1928 craftsmanship never ceases to amaze me.
 This is a better picture of the inside of the garden, looking from the oak gate.

 This is the other gate.  The masonry arch is lined by a wrought iron arch, making the gate so small that the menfolk hereabouts complain that "real sized people" can't pass through it.
 And this is a look at the walled garden from where the guests will sit.  The burning bushes at the end will be turning red by the time of the wedding, which will make a beautiful framework for the ceremony!
The ground in here is all going to be covered with a fresh layer of dirt, which will be rolled out, and hydroseeded, so it will be tabletop level, like a green carpet.  Gah!  It's costing a fortune!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love the 1928'r, but perhaps the viking-proof gate most of all. Keep us posted.

Lapdog Creations said...

Welcome back- missed you! Those are pretty gates!

Sue said...

What a lovely setting for a wedding. My cousin had an outdoor wedding and it was wonderful,even with a surprise guest, a peacock.

Pam said...

The area where the ceremony will be reminds me of The Secret Garden. I love those gates.

The wedding will be so magical! Please, please, please share the photos. I really want to see her in that beautiful dress!

Unknown said...

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