Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Garden Tuesday: Less Snow

Does this look like less snow to you?

Probably not.  But, first, we didn't get nearly the snow that was threatened; we've only gotten a total of about 24" in the past 2 weeks, while I'm sure you know about the disaster that is greater Boston.  And, second, it rained here on Saturday, and probably melted 2 feet of height off that snow bank next to my garage.  So, yes, less snow.

Less snow on the parked cars, too.

And you can see the aftereffects of the rain on this boxwood.  That's ice on those branches, not rain drips.

William must love me this winter, because I keep calling him to plow away the drifting that inevitably follows after he's plowed the real snow.  And today he had to plow away the ice that formed atop said drifts.  Ain't life grand!

Happy Tuesday, everyone; stay warm!


Pam Greer said...

We have had maybe 4 snow flakes this whole winter.

Big Dude said...

It looks really grey and cold

deana sidney said...

Hope you are surviving the snow. Hardly any here. Just wanted to say the King cake was covered in caramel with real gold leaf. It was absolutely delish!!!!

Mickle in NZ said...

Brrrr, no thanks. Although the gardens and, more especially, the farms here could do with all that water. January was very dry (our equiv. of your July).

Yay for William, your wonderful Snow Plower. I don't think Megs has ever come across snow!

Michelle XXXX

Pam said...

Brrr. I don't miss dealing with all that snow but I sure do miss seeing it fall from the sky. Now, I only see rain. UGH.

Nichole Burke said...

:::waving her hand barely above the snowbanks::: from the disaster area

altadenahiker said...

You should ship some of that snow to Mammoth. No snow pack in our mountains this year.

Sue said...

Well, it looks like less than Boston or my cousin's place in central NY, but we have only seen a few flakes. I think it's our turn.

Two French Bulldogs said...

It sure nice when you can stay inside
Lily & Edward