Monday, March 10, 2014

Drive-By Posting

Random Monday thoughts:

We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend.  No, we didn't go out; we didn't need to.  It was the happiest anniversary ever, even with just soup and rolls and sons for celebration. (Yes, you saw this picture last summer.)

The snow is melting during the day, and refreezing at night.  I believe we have 6" of ice in the yard now.

Ryan's comments on the changing of the SAT:  What are they, nuts?  Of course the ACT is becoming more popular; it's easier, and everyone knows that.  Of course the essay should be optional, because with the schools not teaching composition much these days, who cares how anyone writes!  And of course they should make the vocabulary easier, because who cares if students actually know anything before they enter college!  Way to go, SAT, making yourself less useful for college admissions!

(That is the gist of what he said, although he ranted indignantly for a good 5 minutes.)

Ryan took the SAT one more time this weekend, to see if he can break 2300 for his score, and Mark took it (as a freshman) for the first time.  It will be interesting to see their scores.

Happy Drive-by Monday!


~~louise~~ said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary you Two!!! Sounds like you had the bestest celebration EVER!

I was out back today trying to break up some of that snow and ice. It seems like it will never go away but thank goodness I know it will, eventually:)

I'm sure both boys will be Tops! Thanks for "driving by" Marjie...

SissySees said...

... and many, MANY more!

I'm sure both of your boys will score exceptionally well, no matter how irrelevant the test. So much for progress, eh?

Dexter said...

Happy Anniversay! Just being together is the best. Home and family.

Mango Momma

P.S. Don't even get me started on the SATs. Grrr.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Lily & Edward

Big Dude said...

Happy anniversary Marjie - cuddling up in front of the fire on a cold winter day beats going out for me any day.

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Happy Anniversary to you both.
No worries, and love, Carol

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Happy Anniversary!

Pam said...

I love that photo of you two. I am glad you had a happy but mellow celebration of 35 years together! I am sure it was extra special this year after what you just went through.

I agree with Ryan about the SAT changes. I hope both boys did well when they took it.

Sue said...

I'm with Mango Mama. Why bother with a test at all? If we can't be bothered teaching reading and writing, might just as well scrap the test.

That sounds like a wonderful anniversary.I like to stay home and enjoy the time together.

altadenahiker said...

Smart kid, that Ryan.