Sunday, January 20, 2013

December Sewing

Yes, I know I'm a little slow.  But my December was unusually productive, despite having to prepare for Christmas, maybe because Thanksgiving was so early.  And I've been a terrible poster since November or so.  So, pretend I've been keeping you all up to date on my projects, shall we?

First up: This is a sparkly, fuzzy brown sweater knit.  I don't wear a lot of browns, so I wasn't sure if I'd like it.  The sparkly threads also made it a little itchy.  So I opted for a sleeveless a-line dress with a lined jacket to keep the itch to a minimum. 

 I used a gold lining inside the jacket.  The sparkles are gold, not silver, so it goes together pretty well.  It's not my favorite outfit, but it works.

Next up: a blue and purple burnout velour.  I don't know why I chose to make a dress and jacket, but I did.  The fabric isn't all that heavy, so it's nice when the weather is in the 30s.  And it's really soft, which is always nice.
 A view of the inside of the jacket.  Nothing special.

 Next up: Winter white velour, something a friend was recently discussing on her blog.  I had over 3 yards of this, and laid it out like it was the most important thing ever.   First up was this strappy princess seamed dress.
 I didn't finish the jacket the same day, but wanted to wear it.  So I wore it with this lovely Pashmina shawl which Jeffrey gave me for Christmas.
 I made an a-line strappy dress, too, shown here with the jacket.

I also made a cami, but never got a picture of that.

Last up: the Christmas dress made from Panne Velvet, which you saw on me.  This gives a little better idea of the color, which is white, but with the faintest hint of pink!

I've even managed to sew a little in January; maybe I'll get that written up one of these days, too.

Hope you're all having a great weekend.


gMarie said...

Nice dresses! You and Carolyn with the TNT patterns and just whipping stuff out. I've totally got to get better with that program. g

Sue said...

I thought I'd get my trench coat started this month but with the new pups, I'm getting a bit behind on my to do list.

Did you sew for all your kids when they were little?

Faye Lewis said...

You were extra productive in December and sewed up some real gems too.

Dexter said...

I love the gold lining. It's like you have a special secret.

Mango Momma

SissySees said...

Love it all!! And thanks for reminding me; I have a burned out velvet floor-length gown I forgot about. I don't think it's dressy enough for the gala, but I can't believe I forgot about it.

Claire S. said...

Beautiful - as always !

Here's a question for you - when you use knits, how to you deal with the grainline ? Eyeball it ? or do you painstakingly trace a rib to use as grain ? I say painstakingly because I'm doing it now and I swear, it's gonna blind me - what a pain ! LOL

Pam said...

Hi lady! I've missed you. It looks like you have been busy sewing some beautiful creations.

I hope you had a great holiday with your family.