Monday, May 4, 2009

Honey glazed Danish Twist

Few of you are aware that I have not one, but two absurdly pick eaters: my youngest, and my second. My second son came home from college Saturday. I didn't know exactly when to expect him, because he's not much good at setting or maintaining schedules. Detail completely escapes him. So it was no surprise when he called around 1 on Friday to tell me it was pouring where he was, and what should he do to move all his worldly possessions in his open bed pickup truck? Easy. Go gas the truck for the 6 hour drive, buy a cheap plastic tarp, pack, and hope for better weather tomorrow! I'm flattered that my kids think I can puzzle out all the world's problems (or at least theirs), cook well, and tell them what's probably wrong with their cars as well. (Twice it's been fatal, both times with Mr. No Detail here, but that's a story for another day.) Of course, that meant being sure there was lots of immediately edible food in the house for the Saturday arrival, which, fortunately, occurred 10 minutes before the running of the Kentucky Derby - and a great horse race it was!
Anyway, Saturday afternoon, I decided to try a recipe from the bread cookbook I bought at the book sale last weekend. Obviously, I have to make alterations for my own peculiar vision of the world and what food should be. However, this was good. My little picky eat
er exclaimed, "Excellent!" His older picky eater brother, at a different time, also pronounced this excellent. Let that be your guide.


1/4 cup warm water
3 tsp (1 envelope) yeast
2-3/4 cups flour
/2 cup very warm milk
1 egg

2 tbsp melted butter
1/4 cup sugar

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp melted butter
brown sugar
chopped nuts

1/4 cup honey
1 tbsp butter

2 tbsp sugar

Dissolve the yeast in the water, then add the rest of ingredients in order. Mix in your bread machine or following my bread mixing directions. Let it rise about 15 minutes, roll the dough out on the counter to approx. 6" x 24", spread 2 tbsp melted butter on the dough and sprinkle cinnamon, brown sugar (about handsful), and chopped nuts (about 1 handful) over the dough, to within 1/4" of the edges. Roll up tightly, sealing the open edge with a bit of water. C
arefully twist the dough around, so the seam wraps around the length of the dough. Move to a greased baking sheet, and arrange in a circle or any other shape you may find interesting, and let it rise until doubled in size, about an hour. (You might be able to put it in the refrigerator overnight at this point, and let it rise very slowly, so it's ready for baking in the morning). Bake at 375F for 22 to 25 minutes, or until browned as you desire it (mine was left in for 25 minutes, and I don't like them this brown). In the last 2 minutes of baking, spray a 2 cup pyrex measuring cup with oil or pan spray. Mix the honey, butter and sugar, and microwave for a minute or 2, until it boils and the sugar melts. As soon as the coffee cake comes out of the oven, move it to a serving plate, spoon the hot honey mix over it, and pick up whatever honey rolls onto the plate and rub it into the sides. Sprinkle more chopped nuts over the top, or use slivered almonds, or even James Beard's praline powder. Let it sit about 5 minutes while hungry folks anxiously eye it, serve warm, and wait for the declarations of the excellence of this cake, your cooking, and life in general.

Oh, and I should mention that the recent chicken was named "Empress Mar-Gee Chicken," because older picky eater once, in a fit of anger, declared that his real mother was a beautiful princess from a faraway land, and I was the evil, wicked witch who had stolen him. This evlil wicked witch served Empress Mar-Gee Chicken Saturday night, and Mr. Picky Eater allowed that maybe I was not, after all, and evil witch, and perhaps an Empress in the kitchen. It was a good day indeed.


Christo Gonzales said...

well I am disappointed that my name for the chicken wasnt chosen - but that is neither here nor there - do the picky eaters even reject sweet baked goods - if so thats a picky eater!

Paula said...

Well I can see why this got the stamp of approval from the picky eaters club members. Gosh, those slices are so pretty and I bet they tasted terrific. My husband would just dig in and devour; I think I would slowly unroll it bite by heavenly bite. Love the witchy story! Glad the first of the crew has returned home safely. I've got short-timers attitude ... I just want the school year over with already! :-)

Breezy Point Mom said...

Oh how I could sink my teeth into this Danish Twist. It looks absolutely wonderful! I'll bet you're glad your big ones are heading home.

buffalodick said...

It isn't a great horse race when my nag came in second to last! Food looked great today!

Pam said...

My daughter is getting picky and it's driving me crazy. This Danish twist looks so good and pretty too.

pam said...

I want to be an Empress in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

LOL at least your men ask you for advise! The Empress of common sense is how I think of you. Looks like a great recipe.

The Blonde Duck said...

That looks delicious! I bet even my picky eater will like it!

noble pig said...

That was an amazing race wasn't it? And this twist, wow, I love it, I've never made one! Beautiful and why do we have to have picky eaters!