Monday, April 13, 2009

Bean Cake, Anyone?

Three of my college kids showed up Thursday night. Since they called at 5 to say they'd be leaving shortly, I gave the little guys some sustenance, then held "midnight breakfast buffet" for dinner when they got home. I don't have to tell you that Thor was ecstatic to have some of his people back, even for a few days.

Friday I got my new computer, and worked at setting it up between batches of
hot cross buns. But the really required classic Easter dessert is Bean Cake.
No, this isn't something strange, disgusting or just plain weird. Years ago, when some of my bigger kids were in the local elementary school, the lunch menu came home with the Easter dessert listed as jelly bean cake. However, they typed it such that jelly was on one line, and "bean cake" on the next. Hence, we've had "Bean Cake" ever since. It's always good for a giggle hereabouts.

Since the big kids had to leave early on Sunday (noon), the Easter Bunny set up an Easter Egg hunt for Saturday morning, and the Easter Mom cooked Easter dinner on Saturday. Lamb, heart attack potatoes, asparagus, salad and punch. Everyone was stuffed, and the girls even cleaned up for me.

But one of the more entertaining parts of the weekend was a gift from Gaylen. Because I was able to correctly name all 4 of her dogs from detail photos (i.e., one paw), she sent me an apron as a prize! I wore it like there's no tomorrow. For the first time, I wasn't a floury mess when making my hot cross buns, and didn't end up wearing any gravy splatter. My daughter a
mused herself by putting two full glasses of ice in the pockets of the apron, then handing me pitchers of water and iced tea, so I had 4 hands worth of stuff to carry to the table. While there aren't any pictures of that, there is this one of her clowning around in my new apron (which she thinks is also hers) with a pocket full of clean cooking implements to be put away. Thank you, Gaylen, for this adorable apron. Who knew an apron could provide such amusement?

And now, I must begin to catch up on the work that piled up on me last week. Tomorrow, hot cross buns.

Edited, for Ann:

The Bean Cake was a rich gold cake I made a while back. Here's the recipe. The frosting is just a decadent buttercream frosting. Do I have to say that each of the 3 college kids took a large slab back to school with them?


Pam said...

What a wonderful feast - I really need to try your heart attack potatoes. The bean cake is a cute idea, I am sure my kids would love it. Cute apron too, I have to wear mine or I end up a mess.

Ann Made Studio said...

Great looking meal. How nice to have your kids home too :)
I'm sure you'll share that Jelly bean cake recipe :))))

Unknown said...

JB doesn't like lamb so I don't know that I've ever had it. Love asperagus though.

The apron looks cute! Glad she had fun and now you have apron to wear. I know you didn't before. g

Katherine Roberts Aucoin said...

I'm so glad you're back up and running, I've really missed you. I love the "Bean Cake". It looks so festive. The aprom you won is adorable.

Sue said...

I've got to ask--- where do I find out about heart attack potatoes?

SissySees said...

Yum. We had smoked salmon and lamb. Oh - and beef for the Knight, picky eater that he is...

Love that the apron is so versitile!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's so cool! I love how ya'll used your apron to help the feast! :)

My mom makes a bunny cake every year with a jelly bean bow-tie!

Breezy Point Mom said...

What a delicious looking Easter dinner! I love lamb, too. And thank you for the kind comment on my blog about my kids. You focused on teaching your family to be close, and now they enjoy seeing one another, even driving hours to do so. That is quite an achievement in your family. You guys must have been doing something very right. I hope my kids always stay close through the years, as they are now. Hopefully the homeschooling lifestyle will help facilitate that.

noble pig said...

It all sounds delicious! Love the bean cake and the apron is darling!

pam said...

Cute apron! I love the bean cake story. We call movies, "movgies" because that is what my youngest always called them.

grace said...

best part about holidays while in college: seeing the family.
second best part: eating.
third best part: taking copious amounts of goodies back to school and eating them in front of less fortunate roomies. :)