Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thursday Miscellany

That doesn't have the ring of Monday Miscellany, does it?  Ah, well, that's how my life is going these days.

I ordered myself a sewing subscription box, which includes a pattern fabric, thread, and notions to complete the project, along with the fabric and pattern for a little "extra" project.  One such project was a little travel bag, which was described by GMarie a little while back.

 The fabric I got was cute, but hardly adult, so after I made up the bag, I sent it to my oldest granddaughter (she'll be 3 in March; can you believe it?).  I told my daughter in law that it was for her crayons and valuables.  My girl looks delighted, doesn't she?

November's extra project was pot holder/trivets.  Since I only use my tile trivets and Pampered Chef oven mitts that go about to my elbows, I sent these to my daughter in law.  She seemed pretty pleased with them. 

Beyond the sewing box, I had made myself a dress in October.  There was just a bit of leftover fabric, so I made a quasi-matching dress for Maddie, and sent it to her.  My daughter in law said that she was so excited that she had to wear her dress to school the next day.  And she brought it for Thanksgiving weekend, so I got to see her in it.  It's a bit large, but she'll grow.

Finally, this weekend I'm meeting some old friends halfway between here and Connecticut for an afternoon; I decided that I should bring them presents, so I made them each 8 Christmas napkins. Oh, I'm not clever enough to have thought these up; I copied them from a set that GMarie gifted me several years back, but they're so pretty that I had to make them.

Trying to stay busy is good for me, and these were some fun project to make.  (And I am doing some cooking, including baking brownies or something similar when Ryan holds board game night with his friends on Tuesdays, and sometimes Mondays as well.)

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope you all have fun weekends planned!


Pam said...

Staying busy is so good! I love all of the projects you made and your granddaughter is ADORABLE! I love the dress you made for yourself & for Maddie. So cute.

Faye Lewis said...

I'm always trying to make clothing and it's been years since I've don er anything home dec. Love your makes Margie.

Rhodesia said...

Wow, you have been busy and yes I understand being busy is good for you. I have done almost no sewing for a while but I do have material so I must get my act together. Have a good weekend, and take care, Diane

gemma said...

Lovely outcomes for your projects - I have sat myself down to knit again and my project is/was for a friend's granddaughter. A tiny pink sweater for a newborn. I have ripped it out more than 8 times and by the time I finish it the child will be in college. Where did my concentration go? This weekend I may try one more time. It's my birthday (3/4's of a century on Saturday) and I have been gifted with a thumping good cold so a good sit down with kneedles and yarn might do it and me in. Your granddaughter cheers hearts doesn't she? Have a good weekend, Marjie.

grace said...

oh, how i wish i was a crafty person! your grandbabies are lucky to get such special gifts, and i hope at least one of them shows an interest in learning how you do what you do! :)