Thursday, October 18, 2018

Roasted Roots and Delicata Squash

Last night, to Patrick's horror, I cooked the blue potatoes.  Oh, they're purple, not blue, and I think that might have made it worse.  To his credit, he did try them, and upon discovering that they taste just like "normal" potatoes, he ate them.  Didn't even share any with his dog.

Roasted Roots: Chop up potatoes, carrots, onion, garlic and (if you have it, which I didn't) celery.  Spread out in a pan, salt lightly, add some vegetable oil and toss well, then respread them out and roast with you meat at whatever temperature you're using for an hour or so.

Delicata squash: As Gemma commented, it was wonderful!  Cut in half lengthwise, remove the seeds, brush the top with butter and add a couple of small pats to the center, salt very lightly, and roast until fork tender.  It cooks faster than acorn or butternut squash (likely because the side walls are thinner), it's softer and less stringy, and it's absolutely delicious.

Of course, Patrick didn't even try it, while Ryan and I both greatly enjoyed it. "Mom, it's squash and you know I don't do that kind of thing."  At least that's much more polite than he was as a kid.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


gemma said...

so glad you enjoyed the squash -- you have nudged me out the door to get some - it's that time of year for sure isn't it? I love to put the oven on and roast something when I feel that first chill. The house is small enough that it almost could keep me away from the thermostat. Note I said almost. Stay warm,

Sue said...

What a delicious and colorful dinner. It sounds great to me.

Pam said...

Patrick sure knows what he likes - at least he tried the blue/purple potatoes. I would have loved the squash and the roasted potatoes. YUM!

Rhodesia said...

Hello I am running a bit late but I have been without a computer for almost 2 weeks. I could not take it in immediately for various complicated reasons, and then when I did I was told that the hard drive had crashed out completely and they could save nothing. Thankfully most had been backed up but ………. I now have a new hard drive and I am slowly trying to put everything back.
We had a mixture of purple, yellow and orange carrots in the garden this year but I have yet to see purple potatoes!!
Hope all is well. have a good week Diane

grace said...

purple is my favorite color (and i think it makes certain vegetables taste even better) and delicata is my favorite winter squash! if only they had purple delicatas. :)