Wednesday, April 5, 2017

An April Fools Baby Shower!

My oldest daughter's baby is due May 29, so, of course, the expectant Grandmas got together to plan a shower back in January, and we settled on the date of April 1.  April seemed not too far in advance, sandwiched in nicely between Kellie's wedding and the celebrations beforehand, and so we went full steam ahead.  Actually, I had next to nothing to do with the shower; it was all Diane, with my daughter Cass, who lives right there, keeping a lid on her so she wouldn't go too overboard.  It was held down where the girls live, 2.5 hours from my house, so I was just a guest.  But that was fun!

 Decorating onesies with fabric paint is Cass' and Diane's favorite thing to do.  I believe there were 40 of them.
 There were a few men there, because Chris wanted to come.  So Jeff, Wes and Scott came for moral support (Scott being the son of the close friend who's here every Thanksgiving; the kids consider him some sort of undefined cousin).
 See? Jeff clowning around and Wes being his usual smiley self!
 Diane had the event catered, and the finger foods were good.  Cass created an ice cream bar later, because Shannon just adores ice cream.

This cake was made from diapers.  Diane did this for a co-worker of hers, and loved it so much that she did it again.  I understand it took about 120 newborn sized diapers.
 Opening presents
 What, you didn't think you wouldn't see my other two beautiful daughters, did you?
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a fun day!!
Lily & Edward

Pam said...

I love how close your family is!!! The baby shower looked adorable and I bet your daughter was thrilled with all the fun gifts.

Sue said...

Your girls do such a nice job on parties. They should be party planners. I love the little handpainted onsies.