Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thorsday Book Recap: 2013

Instead of a Thorsday Book Review, I decided to make a listing of all of the books I read in 2013.  Some I reviewed, some I did not.  But between the Kindle and the library's used book sales, I had some excellent selections available to me.

1. A Provencal Mystery - Ann Elwood 4/5 (R)
2. Twelve Days - Teresa Hill 3/5
3. Pooh Bridge - Nigel Lampard 3/5 (R)
4. A Touch of Ice - L. J. Charles 3.5/5
5. 30 Pieces of Silver - Carolyn McCrae 4.5/5 (R)
6. Havoc - Carolyn McCrae 4.5/5
7. The Hamsa - E. S. Kraay 2/5
8. Moonlight Becomes You - Mary Higgins Clark 4/5 (R)
9. The Final Arrangement - Annie Adams 5/5 (R)
10. Treachery at Torrey Pines - John Van Vlear 5/5
11. The Disappearance of Grace - Vincent Zandri 5/5
12. Celtic Blood - James John Loftus 2.5/5
13. To Speak for the Dead - Paul Levine 5/5 (R)
14. Leaving Van Gogh - Carol Wallace 5/5 (R)
15. Out Of Time - Deborah Truscott 5/5 (R)
16. Chill Run - Russell Brooks 4/5
17. A Shot in the Bark - C. A. Newsome 4/5
18. Mary at the Farm - Edith Thomas 3/5 (R)
19. You Only Live Twice - Ian Fleming 3/5 (R)
20. The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary and Sewing Circle - Lois Battle 5/5 (R)
21. An Innocent Client - Scott Pratt 5/5
22. Noble Cause - Jessica James 3/5
23. With No One As Witness - Elizabeth George 4/5 (R)
24. Blue Mermaid - Miranda Koerner 5/5 (R)
25. Marks of Time - Neil Jenkins 3/5
26. The Art Thief - Noah Charney 4/5 (R)
27. You Think You Know Me Pretty Well - David Kessler 4/5
28. History of the United States - Charles A. Beard 3/5
29. Red Harvest = Dashiell Hammett 5/5
30. Wanted Dead or Alive - Amber Scott 2.5/5
31. The Dain Curse - Dashiell Hammett 5/5
32. The Constantine Codex - Paul L. Maier 3.5/5
33. To Serve Them All My Days - R. F. Delderfield 4/5 (R)
34. The Maltese Falcon - Dashiell Hammett 5/5
35. In Good Faith - Scott Pratt 5/5
36. Blueblood - Matthew Iden 4/5
37. Return of the Native - Thomas Hardy 4/5 (R)
38. A Separate Peach - John Knowles 5/5
39. The 19th Element - John Betcher 5/5
40. The Adventures of Sally - P. G. Wodehouse 4/5 (R)
41. At Drake's Command - David Wesley Hill 3/5
42. Tea Time for the Traditionally Built - Alexander McCall Smith 1/5
43. The Poe Shadow - Matthew Pearl 2/5 (R)
44. Jill the Reckless - P. G. Wodehouse 4/5 (R)
45. Between Seasons - Adia Bressington 3.5/5
46. Curse of the Scarab - H. Y. Hanna 4/5
47. The Way to Dusty Death - Alistair MacLean 5/5 (R)
48. The Prefect's Uncle - P. G. Wodehouse 2.5/5
49. The Pampered Chef by Doris Christopher 3/5 (R)
50. The Dog Who Danced - Susan Wilson 5/5 (R)
51. Roanoke - Angela Elwell Hunt 3/5
52. Life, Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo - Heather Wardell 2/5
53. What Came Before He Shot Her - Elizabeth George 2/5
54. Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane 4/5 (R)
55. The Lady and the Unicorn - Tracy Chevalier 5/5 (R)
56. The Jefferson Key - Steve Berry 4/5
57. The Cheesecake Queen - Miranda Koerner 5/5

I had not counted before this.  Even having read nothing from the weekend before Thanksgiving through the last weekend of the year, that's a long list.  We'll see what next year brings!

Happy Thorsday, everyone!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have not a clue how many Ihave read and I would not know where to start. Guess the ones on kindle I can keep track of though. Have a good weekend Diane

Two French Bulldogs said...


altadenahiker said...

Impressive list. Search your extensive home library and see if you have anything by Bill Bryson, I think you'd like him. Particularly "A Walk in the Woods," and "At Home."

Pam said...

You beat me by one book!!! I am highly competitive and declare a rematch for 2014!

Dexter said...

Well, I wrote 79 reviews in 2013, but there were some one star (not finished) and movie reviews thrown in there. So many books, so little time.

Mango Momma

Sue said...

I was keeping track till I forgot about half way thru the year. I'm trying to remember so I can bring the list up to date but I might as well just start with the new year.

Blond Duck said...

I've been so remiss! Ben's been home and I haven't been able to visit! Thanks so much for reviewing my book and for reading it! :) I love the kitty in the Santa suit. He's too cute!

Pam said...

Nicely done! I should keep a list of the books I read too.

~~louise~~ said...

That IS some list Marjie. If I made of list of cookbooks I read this year, I may be a contender, lol... Probably not:) I have vowed to read at least one non-cookbook this year. Guess what it is? Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury!!!

Thanks for sharing, Marjie. Here's to another year of fabulous reads!

deana sidney said...

I have vowed to stop watching stupid television shows and read books that have nothing to do with work... as in read for FUN!!

Hope you have a great New Year. Best from Petunia... she is totally bummed that there was ssooo little snow for her. Bummer. Snow = St. Bernard fun.